About Us


OFC (Our Family Closet) was a small Facebook group where mom's, grandma's, etc. could find high quality, boutique style clothing at very reasonable prices. While still receiving boutique level service! As a group, we became a Family! As a family we stand for: Family First, Trust, Respect, Honesty and Compassion. In an effort to maintain the desired atmosphere, we became an exclusive group that required an invitation to join. I believe we have assembled a group of some of the best mom's in the closet world. With their help, my dreams for OFC have been realized. We've started our own clothing line which includes fabulous knit ruffles, divine "inspired" remakes and originals. The latest addition to OFC is the Amazon selling platform. We are very excited to see where Amazon takes us. 

It is our greatest pleasure to provide you with Excellent Customer Service, Quality Fashion, Great Prices and Fast Shipping!