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Welcome to OFC Boutique

We sell high quality, boutique children’s clothing and accessories at wholesale prices with boutique service.

Due to wholesale pricing, all sales with are final. We do our best to have the highest possible quality with the lowest possible price. However, occasionally an item may arrive with a small flaw or sizing issue. This is a chance you/we take when buying direct with overseas suppliers.  We work closely with our factories to limit/eliminate such issues. By making a purchase in OFC, you are acknowledging and agreeing that your order is final sale.

It is our greatest pleasure to provide you with Excellent Customer Service, Quality Fashion, Great Prices and Fast Shipping!

Welcome to OFC :)

Helpful info:

If you order in-stock/ready to ship items, along with Pre-order and/or Fill items, your order will not ship until everything in your order has arrived. If you are needing an in-stock item quickly, we recommend ordering them separately from pre-order and fill items.

When your order ships, you will receive an email stating that your order is complete. Tracking info can be found by on the website in “Orders” under "My Account".  Please make sure you have added OFC to your approved senders list or you may miss your notifications.

PRE-ORDER – An order that is determining interest in the item and has not yet been placed with the supplier. Order what you want in size and color, we will see right after the order closes what sizes/colors have enough orders to "Make" (get ordered)

CLOSED - Order has closed and made size/color determination is taking place. Please be patient, this is a manual process. You may still place an order while it's marked "CLOSED" this however is not a guarantee that your size will make order. Orders will switch to Fills as soon as sizes/colors are determined.

FILLS - The order has closed, been placed with the supplier and is in production but not every size/color was full, so you can still order but you're limited to what's available.

All other items without one of the above headings, are in stock and ready to ship.

If you were unable to find the answer to your questions please contact us at